A  Heritage Stonemason Carver for 30 years,
the stonework I create will add beauty, character and value to
your property.
I take great pride in my craft and  practice the traditional methods
of stone construction passed down to me,  personally selecting,
cutting and finishing of all stonework by hand.

Custom carvings       Drystone walling

Vineyards, Country and City estates

Heritage Restoration Specialist

Stone carving Workshops

Stone building consultant

East Coast  Australia service

Heritage  Stonemason  Carver
In order that the labour of centuries past may not be in vain during centuries to come..... Denis Diderot   1752      
Geoff      ph. 0418 463724

Birdbaths to Castles
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Granite random rubble walling   N.E Victoria
White sandstone random block walling     Newcastle NSW
Sandstone freestanding entrance walls  NSW North Coast
Glenrowan granite garden walling to suit a classic farmhouse restoration
Country  Estates   |   Rockstar  Retreats   |     Restoration Specialist   |   Onsite Eastcoast
recycled bluestone blocks and Sydney sandstone for monument